What are the Different Types of Conveyor Systems?

Conveyor systems transporting pallets in a warehouse.

In the modern world of manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics,conveyor systemshavebecome indispensable. These mechanical marvels efficiently transport goods, parcels, and materials from one point to another, saving time and labour while ensuring smooth operations. Conveyor systems come in various types, each designed to cater to specific needs and industries. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the main types.

Types of Conveyor Systems

Post and Parcel Conveyors

Post and parcel conveyors are tailored for the swift and secure movement of packages and mail within distribution centres, airports, and postal facilities. These conveyors are equipped with features like sorting mechanisms, barcode scanners, and automated diverters to streamline the process and ensure accurate routing of shipments. Post and parcel conveyors play a crucial role in optimising the logistics of the e-commerce boom, ensuring timely deliveries and enhancing customer satisfaction.

Belt Conveyors

Belt conveyors are the workhorses of the conveyor system world. They consist of a continuous belt loop, typically made of rubber, fabric, or metal, which moves over a series of rollers. Belt conveyors are versatile and can handle various types of materials, ranging from small items to bulk materials. They are extensively used in industries like manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and food processing, where materials need to be transported over long distances or between different stages of production.

Pallet Conveyors

Pallet conveyors are specifically designed to handle heavy loads and palletised goods. They utilise sturdy roller or chain conveyor systems to move pallets efficiently. Pallet conveyors are widely used in warehouses, distribution centres, and manufacturing facilities for loading and unloading trucks, transporting goods, and managing storage in racks. These conveyors significantly improve the efficiency of material handling processes, ensuring a smooth flow of goods within the facility.

24V DC Powered Conveyor

A 24V DC-powered conveyor system offers a flexible and energy-efficient solution for transporting goods. They are equipped with low-voltage motors, making them safer to use and reducing energy consumption. These conveyors are ideal for applications that require accumulation, indexing, or precise control over product movement. With the ability to create zones of powered rollers and non-powered rollers, the 24V DC-powered conveyor system allows for individualised control over product flow.

Gravity Conveyors

Gravity conveyors utilise the force of gravity to move goods along a downward-sloping path. These conveyors are economical, as they require no external power source to operate. They are perfect for transporting lightweight items, cartons, and packages over short distances. Gravity conveyors are commonly used for manual picking and packing operations, as well as loading and unloading trucks.

Line Shaft-Powered Roller Conveyors

Line shaft-powered roller conveyors use a rotating shaft with interconnected rollers to move products along the conveyor line. The shaft is powered by a central drive, which transfers power to the rollers via belts or bands. Line shaft-powered roller conveyors are efficient, flexible, and suitable for conveying products of various sizes and weights. They are often employed in assembly lines, order fulfilment centres and packaging facilities.

Belt Under Roller Conveyor Systems

Belt-under roller conveyors combine the benefits of belt conveyors and powered roller conveyors. They have a belt running beneath a set of rollers, allowing for smooth transportation of items with a positive drive. These conveyors are commonly used for handling irregularly shaped or delicate items, as the belt prevents them from falling between the rollers.

Chain and Roller Turntables

Chain and roller turntables are rotating platforms used for changing the direction of conveyor lines or redirecting items to another path. They provide flexibility and versatility in conveyor layouts, enabling seamless movement of goods around corners and junctions. Chain and roller turntables are widely used in distribution centres, sorting systems, and warehouses with complex conveyor configurations.

Spiral Elevators

Spiral elevators, also known as spiral conveyors, are a space-saving solution for vertically transporting goods between different levels of a facility. They consist of a rotating belt or chain that moves items upward or downward in a spiral path. Spiral elevators are commonly used in industries with limited floor space, such as food production, warehousing, and automotive manufacturing.

Vertical Elevators

Vertical elevators, as the name suggests, are designed to move goods vertically between different levels. They are ideal for scenarios where space is limited, and items need to be transported to different floors quickly and efficiently. Vertical elevators are commonly used in mezzanine access, multi-story buildings, and automated storage systems.

Vehicle Loading Conveyor Systems

车辆装载输送机方便高效卡塔尔世界杯足球赛程loading and unloading of goods onto trucks and trailers. These conveyors can be extended and retracted to reach the vehicle’s bed, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing loading times. Vehicle loading conveyors are prevalent in logistics hubs, distribution centres, and shipping yards, enhancing the speed and safety of the loading process.

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