Food Automation

Automation Solutions in the Food Industry

LAC Logistics Automation’sexpertise infood automationsolutionsspans over two decades. Our extensive product portfolio has allowed us to spread our automation technologies and expand our capabilities in developing not only our standard solutions but complete food production lines.

Ourautomationsolutions are tailored to your specific environment to ensure we offer the most efficient process and packing system providing enhanced throughput, high accuracy and improved hygiene.

我们的内部能力allow us to manage and deliver yourconveying or handling requirements to ensure we offer the very best solution that fits your production needs. Our range of hygienic solutionsiswidely used throughout all sectors of the food industry including meat, poultry, salads, ready meals, and baked foods.Browse through our automation solutions in the food industry below andcontact usto discuss your needs further.

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    Platforms Here at LAC Conveyors & Automation, we design various types of stainless steel platforms and access plants to complement our conveyor systems. Our stainless-steel platforms are all made bespoke for your business and can provide a great solution to giving you access to parts of your system without compromising the operational efficiency of your site. [...]

    Hygienic Conveyors

    Hygienic Conveyors Here at LAC Logistics Automation our range of hygienic conveyors is widely used throughout all sectors of the food industry including meat, poultry, salads, ready meals, and baked foods. Our innovative designs offer a full range of conveyor options, from standalone conveyor sections to full production lines. Our modular design approach works in [...]

    Robot Palletising

    Robot Palletising Our robot palletising capabilities are spread across a wide variety of business sectors and are designed to work in line with our customer's specific needs. From totes and boxes, drums and sacks, Trays and Jigs we have a robot palletising solution for all handling requirements. Our palletising robot systems range from the manufacture [...]

    Robotic Pick and Place

    选择和地点机器人机器韩国vs葡萄牙谁会赢?人选择和ca的地方pabilities are spread across a vast array of business sectors and are designed to work in line with our customers' specific needs. With a variety of design options available, our pick and place robots can be configured using various end-of-arm tooling options for use in different [...]

    Bespoke Equipment

    Bespoke Equipment From a standalone assembly machine to a complete production line our bespoke automation expertise plays a key role in the development of current and upcoming technologies, allowing us to spread this wealth of knowledge across all market sectors to ensure we deliver the very best solution. Our intelligent solutions align with the strict [...]


    Conveyor Control Systems & Software Development Our software enables our clients to change, adapt and grow their business with minimal disruption. Covering all aspects of warehouse management our WCS software integrates seamlessly with host IT systems, offering great usability and real-time warehouse communication. Evolved from automation and built-in modern architecture, our smart warehouse management software [...]

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