About L.A.C. Logistics Automation

L.A.C Logistics Automationare a well-respected and established UK manufacturer of conveyor systems, automation solutions and bespoke robotic systems for material handling requirements.

Our mission is, through imaginative and blue-sky thinking, to be recognised as class leading solution providers for materials handling and automation systems across all industry sectors.

One of our primary objectives is to set ourselves apart from competitors. Through investment in qualified and professional staff, embodying a ‘can do’ attitude we can continuously improve the quality of our products and continue to deliver on time projects

Our Solutions

We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation ofconveyor systemsand solutions for a diverse range of industries.

我们最常见的行业包括logistics automation, food & beverage automation and bespoke or special purpose automation.

Over the last ten years we have supplied to businesses of all sizes, including some of the most well-known brands globally, and have grown rapidly to become one of the UK’s leading conveyor manufacturers.

Based in Nottingham, we occupy five units totalling at 70,000 Sq. Ft where all our operations take place. Our separate units ensure that we keep our stainless steel manufacturing processes separate from mild steel activities to prevent cross contamination of materials.

We have a highly skilled team of design engineers and welder/fabricators that ensures we can deliver innovate and bespoke solutions of the highest quality, tailored to meet our customers specific requirements.

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